Texans Vow To Keep Grinding

September 24, 2018 - 3:25 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) –  The Texans are 0-3, and while they know it’s as bad a start as you can have, they aren’t ready to throw in the towel.

“We have some adversity, but at the end of the day, a fight is a fight. Whether, we’re 3-0 or 0-3, my hand will still be in the pile trying to help us win the next game. So, that’s what I’m going to do, that’s what I’m going to continue to do and every time we line up I’m going to play as hard as I can,” Texans safety Tyrann Mathieu told the media during Monday’s open locker room. 

At 0-3, the Texans are one of just three teams in the NFL that have started 0-3 this season.  The Texans join the class of the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals.  

“It’s tough. I look at my life, I feel like when I was born I was 0-3. So, I’ve been fighting this fight a long time. It’ll be some good that comes out of it, I believe that. We have a great coach, we have a great quarterback, we have great guys all around our team. Like I said, it’s really about kind of building up throughout the week, having a good Wednesday, a good Thursday, a focus Friday and then Saturday, guys taking care of themselves and then Sunday having a clear mind so you can go out there and execute,” Mathieu added.

As the Texans continue to search for answers on how to right the ship, the one thing they point to is that all of the games have been close. Winnable, right there for the Texans to take.  A seven point loss at New England, a three point loss at Tennessee, followed by Sunday’s five point loss to the Giants.

“I think the positive around all of this is we could probably, honestly, watch the tape and say we’ve beaten ourselves three games in a row, by like a total of 15 points. We’re not that far off,” Mathieu said. 

Maybe it’s fixable, maybe it’s not.  The offensive line has had trouble, the pass rush hasn’t been what everyone expected and the secondary has allowed Eli Manning and Blaine Gabbert to look competent, but the Texans vow to keep working. 

“There’s no magic dust, there’s no magic wand we can just say, ‘Hey, wave this magic wand and everything’s going to be OK.’ It’s hard work, it’s trying to figure out what we do best, do it better, and the things we’re not doing well, either stop doing them or figure out how to improve them. I think you teach off the film,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said during his during his Monday press conference.  “I think we have a bunch of good guys in there that are very much together. We’ve only played one divisional game. We’ve got a big one this week. So, we just have to keep grinding. There’s no other way out of it. There’s no choice. I think when you have the role that I have, it’s easy. There’s no choice. You have to go to work and you have to figure it out. That’s sports, that’s life and that’s the way it is.”