Should Bill O'Brien hire an OC to help him?

Super Bowl winning coach Mike Holmgren has an answer.

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January 31, 2019 - 4:30 pm

With the departure of Sean Ryan, the Houston Texans' QB coach, it seems likely that Bill O'Brien may be thinking about hiring an Offensive Coordinator. But should O'Brien? A Super Bowl-winning head coach thinks that it's something O'Brien should think about.

Mike Holmgren, former Green Bay Packers head coach, joined In The Loop with Landry Locker and John Lopez and said if asked, "Hire a coordinator. Get a coordinator in here. You're still the head coach, but take a little bit off you and focus on certain other areas."

Holmgren went on to share that he feels having assistant coaches that are not afraid to challenge the head coach when it comes to philosophy and plays, "I think it's very, very important. That's another thing I learned. I was a little rambunctious, I would say that, and a little naive. I always had a guy. I said, 'You have cart blanch. If you think I am over my skis or I am messing up somehow, you can come in and close the door and tell me anything that is on your mind and there's no repercussions."

NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport, told the Triple Threat on Wednesday that he's heard that Bill O'Brien is likely to hire a veteran who is comfortable with just handling the QB coaching role.