C3's Keys for a Houston Texans win vs the Philadelphia Eagles

The Triple Threat
December 21, 2018 - 10:00 am

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The Houston Texans head to Philly to take on the Eagles, helmed by Nick Foles. Former Houston Texan, Cecil Shorts III, breaks down the keys to win for the Texans.


  • Run the ball well!! I want to see D'Onta Foreman get going this week. Being able to run the ball this time of year is critical. This sets up the play action, keeps the defense honest, and you’re also keeping your defense off the field and open the play calling up for the Texans. When the Texans can run, their chances of winning are high. Miller, Blue, and Foreman lets get it!!
  • Must handle the Defensive Line to win this game, they're loaded with talent and are playing well as of late
  • Attack there secondary, they have been hit with the injury bug at the corner position and the Texans need to take advantage of that. 4 out of the last 5 games the Eagles have let  up a 300-yard passing game
  • Be good on 3rd down, Texans were only 1 for 9 last weeks on 3rd down, they must finish drives and score touchdowns. As much as I love how well Fairbairn is doing the Texans must score more touchdowns, but that only happens if you sustain drives so be good on 3rd down is a must.


  • Must limit Explosive plays by their playmakers, lead by Zach Ertz with 101 catches and Alshon Jeffery who is there best wide receiver. They have capable playmakers in there offense outside of these two so they must be ready to contain this offense, especially in the secondary
  • Pressure Nick Foles into making a mistake. One way you help your secondary out, who lacks depth, is getting pressure on the opposing teams QB. Get pressure on Foles and let your back end make some plays.
  • Get off the field on 3rd down!! Last week the Jets had 4 drives of 9 plays or longer. No matter if it was penalties or giving up plays on 3rd down you have to find a way to get off the field.
  • Aaron Colvin must play well. For whatever reason, he has not played a lot since coming back from injury. He got in the game last week and had a big pass breakup at the end of the game. He must play and play well.

Special Teams

  • The Field Goal unit when called upon has been money. This must continue in the cold weather this week. Must be able to handle the elements. You never know where you’ll play come playoff time.
  • Cover units did a good job last week versus the Pro Bowl returner Andre Roberts, but that must continue. No let down in this area. Big plays on special teams can change the momentum of games.
  • Go get big Return this week!!!!

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