Cecil's Short List: QBs the Houston Texans Should Target in Free Agency

These guys fill those characteristics and would fit with the Houston Texans.

The Triple Threat
February 27, 2019 - 3:19 pm

People say backup quarterback is the best job in football, but it takes a lot of work. Only a select few can last as a backup for many years. When looking for a backup they have to be dependable, trustworthy, a mentor and when their number is called they must be able to give your team a chance to win.

These guys fill those characteristics and would fit with the Houston Texans:

Tyrod Taylor
What Ty has proven over the years is that he is a true professional, whether it was backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore and winning the super bowl, being benched in the last game of the season, simply because of contract reasons, in Buffalo or losing his starting job to Baker Mayfield, he has always stayed professional. He is as good as an athlete if not better than Deshaun Watson, and with that being said, you can run the offense the exact same if you need him to play. He’s known for taking care of the ball and being conservative - which will give you a chance to win games. He’s a talent in this league and most likely still wants an opportunity to start somewhere, but he would be a great fit here in Houston.

Case Keenum 
With Denver going after Joe Flacco in a trade, I'm pretty sure Case will be on the market sooner than later. He is familiar with the offense and O'Brien, he is a GUNSLINGER, and thrives in the underdog role. If his number is called, Case will bring a spark to the offense and give your team a chance to win. I remember when I came to the Texans in 2015, the wide receiver room was raving about Case and how he would throw that ball around and give them chances. He is well-liked from the player's standpoint, and I think he would be a great fit here as a back up to Watson.

Josh McCown
It’s hard to be a WR in the last decade in the NFL, and have not run into a McCown brother. Josh has played this role forever and plays this role very well. He basically was the QB coach last year in New York working with Sam Darnold. Not to mention he has gotten numerous calls from around the league asking him if he’s ready to "officially" coach. A great person, on and off the field to have Deshaun around.

Brandon Weeden
He’s been here before, knows the system and has stepped in and won big games before (@Colts 2015). Nothing is better than a QB that knows his role and prepares accordingly. True Pro.

Teddy Bridgewater
His knee injury was very similar to the one I had, so anybody that can rehab and come back from that has my respect. Last time he was a full-time starter, was in 2015, where he showed promise. This past preseason was a good for him as well with the Jets. He was able to move in and outside the pocket; he looked accurate and played well. He is a smart player, and makes good decisions and can be a quality backup for the Texans.