Deshaun Watson feels Houston believing in him

Week 3 he expects to feel the belief and excitement

June 15, 2018 - 1:10 pm

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We are inching closer to the start of the 2018 NFL season and the excitement for Texans fans is at an all-time high. The Reason? Because of number 4.

Deshaun Watson's season was cut short in early November due to an ACL injury, but it was enough for every fan to believe in what can be.

Watson joined The Triple Threat on Thursday and was asked if he feels how much the city believes in him, "That's a tough question because I feel it and I see it all the time - you know how the city is really behind me and really believing in  me, but for some reason, I probably won't feel it until I walk - especially a home game - I think we play the Giants week 3 - walk on the field and then hear the fans, you know, yell my name or go crazy. Right now I'm feeling it, of course, through social media and through media stuff, but until I feel it in person - that's when I will really know the belief and excitement."

One big question is the approach to Deshaun Watson's amazing running ability and the risk of another major injury. When asked how he balances what is an acceptable risk in the open field, Watson said, "I just play football, honestly. I know the less hits I take - the longer your career, but sometimes you got to take those hits. I don't really pay attention to if I should run less and pass more - sit in the pocket more. Nah, I'm a football player, so I'm not going hold myself and handicap myself from doing the things I am very good at and OB (Bill O'Brien) would tell me the same thing. Just know that I can be in the open field, I can slide or step out of bounds and continue to run. I don't really focus on the people that say about the ratio of the passing and the running part. I use my tools and my talents that got me here. That's the position I am, it's going to make me a better player, it's going to make everyone else a better player, it's going to make the offense a better offense. That gives the defense more things to worry about."

With the 2017 season ending with a 4-12 record (1-9 without Watson), he accounted for 21 touchdowns and 1,699 yards passing for a 103.0 QB rating. The idea that Watson will pick up where he left off is not crazy. Watson will have a full offseason to learn how defenses played against him, time to learn the playbook, to get all the reps a starter needs in training camp and preseason, and hopefully, a defense that should be able to help keep games close.

If everything goes as planned, the Texans could be major contenders in the AFC.