Locker: The Top 10 People In Houston Most Likely To Make A JR Smith-Like Blunder

Who Does And Doesn't Belong On The List?

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June 01, 2018 - 9:49 pm
LeBron NBA Finals Podium

JR Smith's mental error at the end of Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals is a once in a lifetime boneheaded blunder that will live in infamy forever. It's hard to imagine a play that dumb being duplicated anytime soon, but which people in Houston sports would be the most likely to have a similar blunder?

Landry Locker of In The Loop with Fred, Landry and Lopez lists the ten people in Houston most likely to make a JR Smith-like mistake.

Here's the list... 


No. 10: Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman

The congresswoman tweeted Chris Paul would play hours before Game 7, but he didn't. Not the brightest move on her part.


No. 9: Brandon Weeden, Texans

He's a smart guy, but if he ever steps on the field for the Texans I naturally anticipate the worst. 

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No. 8: Braxton Miller, Texans

This is a long shot because it's not a certainty Miller plays another meaningful snap for the Texans, but Miller flipped into the end zone at the end of the only touchdown of his NFL career (a 1-yard TD), which resulted in getting an earfull from Bill O'Brien.


No. 7: Trevor Ariza, Rockets

Ariza has tried to go into opposing locker rooms after games, twice. Plus, it might not be a mental blunder, but he did recently go 0-12 in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals.


No. 6: Ken Giles, Astros

I'm a Giles fan. I get nervous as hell watching him in save situations, but love his accountability and the personality he brings to the Astros team full of personalities. However, if you punch yourself in the face when you're mad then you're capable of doing something boneheaded during a baseball game.


No. 5: James Harden, Rockets

Harden has a very high basketball IQ and will deservedly be named the MVP of the NBA later this month, but has had games where his effort has been questioned and many people locally even wondered if he flat-out quit. If you can quit then you can definitely have a mental blunder.


No. 4: Yuli Gurriel, Astros

Gurriel gives off an easy-going vibe that could result in an on-field brain fart. There was also that incident involving Yu Darvish last season during the World Series.


No. 3: Kevin Johnson, Texans

There are times when Johnson looks like an All Pro and other times when he looks like he shouldn't even be in the league. He also has a reckless style, argues obvious penalties, celebrates plays that don't warrant a celebration and sometimes does things that make you question his intelligence on the football field.


No. 2: Bill O'Brien, Texans

Two words: Clock Management 

It has gotten better, but it's still scary at times.


No. 1: Gerald Green, Rockets

Everyone in Houston loves Gerald Green and why wouldn't they? He has I-45 tatted on his body, wears vintage H-Town throwbacks to every game and represtent the city more than any other local athlete. Plus, how could you not love an NBA player than only has four fingers on his shooting hand? True story, look it up.

However, despite the fact Green is an exciting player capable of making spectacular plays there's a certain level of sporadic wildassness that shows up everytime he steps onto the court. Even when he's making plays you can always count on multiple boneheaded moments when Green is on the court, which is likely why he has played on nine different NBA teams (two stints with the Rockets), two D-League teams, a G-League team and three overseas teams in the last 12 years.


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