Locker: The Three Biggest Weasels Who Will Visit The Texans In 2018

Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Vrabel And Terrance Williams, Anyone Else?

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July 10, 2018 - 6:54 pm

We are only a couple weeks away from the start of Houston Texans training camp and less than two months away from the start of the regular season. The NFL has a lot of polarizing players and coaches, many of which I find to be complete weasels. Here are the three biggest weasels who will visit NRG during the Texans 2018 season.

No. 3: Odell Beckham Jr, New York Giants

The Texans will host the Giants on Sept. 23 at NRG, which means one of the strangest guys in the NFL will be in attendance. You look up F-Boy in the Dictionary and there's a picture of OBJ next to it.

There's no denying Beckham Jr. is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL, but there's also no denying he's one of the biggest weasels. Between fighting nets on the sidelines, ballet dancing before games, wearing shorts shorter than a Playboy playmate during practice, taking cheap shots during games and other questionable schenanigans this was an easy choice.


No. 2: Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans

Mike Vrabel can win a pep rally and is a leader of men. Blah, blah, blah.  We've heard it all, but there's still no proof that Mike Vrabel can actually coach football. Vrabel has a lot of flash, but not much substance.

He was a linebackers coach at Ohio State, a job almost anyone with a pulse could succeed at given the talent and surrounding staff. He then coached a talented group of Texans linebackers with Romeo Crennel calling the defense and failed as a defensive coordinator in 2017 before being handed the Titans head-coaching job because of his assumed ability to lead men.

In fairness, Vrabel's defense was historically depleted in 2017, but they still weren't prepared and often looked lost at the most important times. See: The end of the game in Seattle last season when Jimmy Graham walked into the end zone for the winning TD. Plus, this list isn't about being fair, Vrabel is a weasel!

Vrabel brings his Titans team to NRG for some Monday Night Football on November 26th.


No. 1: Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboys

A lot of dopes have played for the Dallas Cowboys, but Terrance Williams is among the dopiest. 

On top of being a receiver who can't catch with his hands, Williams had one of the most weaselish displays of the offseason and it happened to be caught on camera.

In the offseason Williams was pursued by police after his car was found crashed on the side of the road. In the police video Williams falls off a bicycle and then blames his friend and former teammate, Kendall Wright of the Minnesota Vikings, for crashing his car while slurring many lies along the way. A few days later Williams released a statement with his attorney changing his story, further showing what a weasel he really is. Williams is not only a snitch, he's a lying snitch, a bad friend and a weasel.

Just watch this video.

Williams and the Cowboys come to NRG Sunday night Oct. 7. 

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