Hopkins, Watson Have Undeniable Chemistry

The duo shares belief in each other that they can find success

January 02, 2019 - 3:18 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – DeAndre Hopkins is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, Deshaun Watson is one of the more promising young quarterbacks in the league and together they are a duo that is tough to beat and the chemistry continues to get better and better.

“This year has been interesting because Hop has been banged up, and he hasn’t been able to always be out there at practice.  They’ve had to do a lot behind the scenes, meeting together in the facility, outside the facility, making sure that they’re on the same page with route running, signals, seeing the film the same way, seeing the defense the same way, seeing the coverage the same way.  They’ve worked hard to try to get on the same page each and every week,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said.

Hopkins has been nagged by injuries all season long.  A leg injury, knee, ankle, whatever the case, Hopkins hasn’t been able to get the reps that would normally be needed for a quarterback and wide receiver to get on the same page the way Watson and Hopkins do.  Belief is one way to describe why the pair has been able to have so much success.

“Him trusting me to go out there and make the right read, and me trusting him to get me the ball.  Depend on each other to make this team better,” Hopkins said.

Despite the practice reps, Hopkins put together a season for the ages with Watson as his quarterback.  A franchise record and career high 115 receptions, a career high 1,572 yards and also caught 11 touchdowns. So there must be something the two do together that brings them the chemistry needed for that type of connection.

“We play checkers,” Hopkins joked to the media about on Wednesday.