Houston Texans Keys to Victory Against New Orleans Saints

Former NFL quarterback Clint Stoerner has your keys to a Texans victory against the New Orleans Saints.

Clint Stoerner
September 09, 2019 - 2:02 pm

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Written by Clint Stoerner

1. The LT is no longer the most important OL position guys will be tested this week. The Saints definitely prefer the Seantrel Henderson-Cam Jordan matchup vs the Laremy Tunsil-Cam Jordan matchup. The Texans will surely have an answer for the Henderson-Jordan situation with a hard slide in that direction.

So here’s the question. Are the Saints better off with isolating Jordan on Tunsil, or taking the full slide to Jordan when he's lined up over Henderson?

We’ll see. Either way, it will impact the game heavily.

2. Moving Nuk Hopkins presnap with shifts and motions will be big this year for the Texans play caller. Hopkins is arguably the best wide receiver in the game and could camp out on the boundary and get another 1,200+ season. However, that’s not the best plan for the Texans offense across the board.

Moving Hopkins will force the defense to work to double him and work to keep track of him. In the process, he will have an easier path to 1200+. He’ll have more TD opportunities.

The receivers around him will have more opportunities and so will the Texans offense as a whole.

3. The slot corner position for the Texans has been questionable and they are clearly banking on Aaron Colvin becoming the player they purchased last year.

Jury’s still out.

Couple that with the fact that you’ve got the Saints out of the gate this season, the Texans should have invested a lot of time creating multiple options at that position, or to execute those responsibilities.

With that said, I expect to see a combination of Colvin, Lonnie Johnson & Addae tag teaming Alvin Kamara in RAC's nickel and dime packages.

4. RAC is going to have to get creative with his system and his front seven this week and beyond.

I’m not worried about stopping the run. I’m worried about collapsing the pocket and pressuring the QB. This group has a chance to be a good pass rushing front in a different fashion than what Texans fans are use to seeing with Clowney.

Last year, it was power and disruption. This year, it's gonna have to be tilted toward speed in the pass rush.

Last year, RAC's system was fairly simple because the front was so physically dominant. This year, he's gonna have to use more of the system in an effort to creatively create havoc.