Countdown to Kickoff: What to watch for in Preseason Game 1

August 09, 2018 - 5:20 pm

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By Brad Wright | @spoondj


Houston (SPORTSRADIO 610) - It's finally here. For whatever reason, preseason seems to be okay this time. 

Last season fell short with injuries and just bad luck. It just feels special, right?

Here's to new beginnings, a clean slate, and new goals.

The Top Five things to watch tonight:

1. Deshaun Watson:

Does he step onto the field? Does he throw? Does he get pressured and how does he respond to his first hit? He might only get one series, but it will be nice to see Deshaun on the field doing what excited fans last season.

2. JJ Watt:

The unofficial Mayor of Houston is back. At least we hope. Is really back is what we all are asking? Will he be able to perform this season like the JJ we remember? He looks great and it gets you really amped to see that jersey lining up. 

3. The running game:

The young and flashy D'Onta Foreman will not be on the field, yet. Will the weight loss and new focus from Lamar Miller show in this game? Will we see the same "stuff" from Tyler Ervin? He has some flashes of potential that was sidelined by the patellar tendon injury. Who else will step up and help this team dominate on the offense? 

4. The secondary: 

So many questions that begin with the Honey Badger. How will he impact the game, both on and off the field? How will the loss of Andre Hal change the DB make up?

5. Enjoy. It's football season. I hope you have something cold in your hand and you're as excited as I am.