Lance McCullers Jr. felt that some comments from Ken Giles were a parting shot

Wishes Giles nothing but success.

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September 27, 2018 - 12:32 pm

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by Brad Wright | @spoondj

Houston, TX (SPORTSRADIO 610) - Ken Giles is not a fan of the Houston Astros. 

As the Astros headed to Toronto for a 3-game series, Ken Giles spoke about his time with the club that traded him just before the trade deadline expired.

“I’m actually enjoying the game more than I did for my entire tenure in Houston," Giles told Rosie DiManno, about his time with the Astros. "It’s kind of weird to say that because I won a World Series with that team. But it’s like, I just felt trapped there. I didn’t feel like myself there. Overall, I felt out of place.”

Lance McCullers joined Mad Radio for his weekly segment, brought to you by Trailer Wheel & Tire, and spoke to how he felt about Giles comments.

"For him to say he felt trapped or that he didn't feel like himself, I felt that was a little bit of a shot at the players, whether he meant it that way or not," said McCullers. " I felt like the players in the clubhouse do an amazing job giving everyone the environment and the ability to be themselves and to feel comfortable when they come to work every day. I felt him saying that was a parting shot at us." 

“It was a tough transition for me,” Giles recalled to DiManno. “The first year was decent. The ERA didn’t look great, but I actually had career numbers. Then I stepped it up a notch, had a great full-time closing job, helped them get to the playoffs. And then this year, it was like the communication was lost. Everything went wacko."

McCullers Jr. felt like himself and his teammates took a lot of time and tried to make him feel integrated and comfortable. 

"Over the last two years - I felt everyone went above and beyond with trying to make him feel welcome here and I was a little bit disappointed that he felt necessary to make those comments, especially when he kinda dug his own grave as far as the last couple of time [he pitched> before he was traded," said McCullers Jr.

When asked if Ken Giles reached out to any of the Astros players after the comments, McCullers Jr. said, "No, he walked around the outfield a couple of days ago and spoke to a lot of the guys. He seemed genuinely happy to see them."

"I didn't get to speak with him. I just felt like, you moved on - if you're happy at your new place, then that's great. I wish him nothing but success. I think he has a chance to be a really good pitcher if he puts it all together," said McCullers.

The Astros try for their 101st win against the Baltimore Orioles at 6:05 pm tonight. 


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