Lance McCullers Jr. ends his outing in Minnesota


McCullers Reflects On Poor Outing

Lance McCullers Jr. joined MaD Radio for his weekly visit and discussed his process after a tough day on the mound.

April 12, 2018 - 12:29 pm

Houston (SPORTSRADIO 610) - Lance McCullers Jr. joined MaD Radio for his weekly visit and discussed his process after a tough day on the mound. Wednesday in Minnesota, Lance gave up eight earned runs and could not finish the fourth inning before being taken out of the game. He started by saying that he certainly did not get any help from the umpire.

"I think it was like 13 pitches yesterday in the first 3 innings that were missed, which is frustrating. Basically (Max) Stassi came out and just said, 'Man, I'm working on him, I'm trying to figure out where he thinks those pitches are,'" McCullers Jr. said.

After the game the real process begins. Lance first goes to the film to understand where his mistakes were. That ranges from anything possibly in his mechanics to his pitch selection.

"I go right to the film," Lance said. "They stacked lefties against me who hit balls down in the zone really well. It was a good game plan. So going into the game... I had to kind of challenge myself. I can be a little stubborn and kind of just do what I do, and throw the ball down in the zone and say, 'I'm just going to be better than you today.' Or I did what I did yesterday, and I tried to throw a lot of fastballs up in the zone. And combined with not getting a couple in the first couple innings, and not feeling super comfortable doing that, I put myself into a hole and especially in the fourth. Now looking back on it I wish I would've just thrown the ball down in the zone."

The cold weather was not a factor for him. Though he is from Florida, he had minor league experience with cold games. His largest concern still remained with his pitch selection.

"I've pitched in cold before. I played in the Midwest League, so I've thrown in the cold before. I mean, its not ideal... I'm not going to say it was the weather. I just took in a game plan that I thought was going to work and I didn't execute the game plan but looking back I realize that that is not my game plan. It's better to just roll with what I do."

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Lance McCullers Jr. on MaD Radio 4-12-18