Watson to Stills a Perfect Ending Spoiled

Lutz' 58-yard Field Goal stole victory away from Texans

Jeremy Branham
September 10, 2019 - 12:25 am


HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Deshaun Watson’s touchdown strike to Kenny Stills with 37 seconds left was supposed to be the fairy tale ending for the Texans in their quest to beating the Saints in New Orleans.

The sweet taste of victory turned into the bitter taste of defeat as Watson watched Wil Lutz drill a 58-yard, game winning field goal. 

“Every loss is tough, getting blown out, losing by 14, seven, losing on a last second field is very, very tough, but it’s football.  This is the NFL, and games are never over, especially with two great teams going back and forth.  You have to give that kicker props, he did a great job for them to capitalize,” Watson said moments after his comeback that wasn’t was ripped from the Texans.

37 seconds prior to that, Stills, a former Saint, was hit in stride by a Watson deep ball that Watson had to watch from his back side.

“I saw him catch it. I was on my back, my side. I kind of peaked and I saw him catch it,” Watson said.

As Watson enters his third year, he has been praised for taking another step forward in his leadership, team first mentality and the ability to read defenses better than his first two years in the league.

“11 up, were everyone is up on third down, but they had a different game plan for us today, a lot of two high, try to keep everyone deep because we like to take deep shots,” Watson added. “At the same time, that’s when they did it, and I knew exactly what they were in, so I knew exactly where Kenny was going to be and we practiced it all week and it happened.”

In addition to his work in the film room, Watson again proved that no stage is too big for him.  Whether it’s leading the Texans to fourth quarter wins, or winning a national championship at Clemson, Watson showed even in defeat that he has the clutch gene.