O'Brien Bullish On Watson

Texans Optimistic About Their Signal Caller

June 24, 2018 - 7:10 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Expectations are high for Deshaun Watson as he enters the second season of his NFL career. 

Last year Watson exploded onto the scene as he set NFL rookie records through his first seven games and six starts in his first year as a professional.  The numbers where gaudy, but it was his awareness that caught the attention of his head coach Bill O’Brien.

“A lot of times I’ll say, hey look no matter what play we call, I think this guy may have a chance to work it out, because he can see things.  He can make plays that you can’t really coach,” O’Brien told The Triple Threat during an appearance on the show Friday. 

In the first game of 2017, Watson was pressed into duty after Tom Savage, the Texans week one starter put the Texans in a hole.  Watson got the Texans back into the game in the third quarter before Jacksonville pulled away.  It didn’t take long for O’Brien to become a believer in Watson with a simple play in the second half.

“I was like man, I never even went over that play with him I don’t think.  I might have, but I know he didn’t even practice it.  That was a moment where I was like, this guy has the demeanor, has the sense, he’s got the ability, he’s got what you’re looking for in a starting quarterback,” O’Brien added.

Watson had a small sample size last season, and defenses will have more film to study in an effort to slow down the Texans’ quarterback, but O’Brien looks forward to working with Watson in an effort to stay ahead of the opposition.

“Your job as a coach is to try to have some foresight on how teams may defend us moving forward.  That’s a fun challenge.  To meet that challenge with Deshaun, you couldn’t ask for a better guy,” O’Brien said.  “You’d have to be around it every day to see exactly what I’m talking about.  He’s a good guy, always has a smile on his face, in early, stays late, loves talking football, has a lot of great questions, has a lot of good input, just a fun guy to coach.”