O'Brien, Watson On The Same Page

Relationship between QB, coach going well

December 06, 2018 - 12:57 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Deshaun Watson and Bill O’Brien’s relationship and communication between quarterback and head coach is at a good place heading into the regular season’s final four games.

“I just really enjoy the meetings. Especially with the offensive group and OB (Bill O’Brien) and all the coaching staff are going through the game plan, just the tips and reminders and what we need to do – the keys to victory. We have a little fun in there. Of course, we’ve been winning, so that makes it a lot more fun,” Watson said.

In can be difficult at times for a coach and a play caller to see the exact details of what happened on a play.  Whether a not a receiver ran a wrong route, if a running back missed an assignment, but Watson’s ability to recognize issues always the staff to isolate problems.

“He’ll tell you exactly what happened, and that’s the thing we appreciate about him, he can tell us between series what happened on the previous series so we can get it corrected and get it right,” O’Brien added.

Watson, 23, is over 3,000 yards on the season and has 21 touchdowns against nine interceptions.  The Texans’ signal caller is only in his second year, but O’Brien not only gives him freedom in the offense but also the option of striking a play out of the game plan from time to time.

“You’re never going to call a play with your quarterback that he doesn’t like. There’s no doubt about that. He’ll always give me the reasons of why he doesn’t – he’s a very smart guy. He sees the game very well and he’s able to articulate why – now, to be full-disclosure, he loves every play. There’s not many plays that he doesn’t like, but if he doesn’t like a play, he’ll make sure that I know and then we’ll take that play out,” O’Brien continued.

Communication between quarterback and head coach is important, especially when the head coach doubles as the offensive play caller like O’Brien does.  Most recently, Mike McCarthy was fired by the Packers, and it’s been heavily rumored that he and Aaron Rodgers haven’t been getting along recently.  For now, things are good with Watson and O’Brien.

“We have a great conversation throughout the week, especially the night before the game. If I’m not comfortable with something or if it didn’t look good throughout the week, we might put it on the backburner of running this play or we’d take it out,” Watson said.  “If I want a certain guy running this certain route, in this situation on the down and distance or if I want it on the right hash, left hash, we have all those conversations. We’re very, very detailed on the game plan. So, once we get out there on Sunday, we’re comfortable with it and we can go out there and execute.”