Odd Week For Demaryius Thomas Ends In A Win

Thomas grabs three pass for over 60-yards in Texans' debut

November 04, 2018 - 9:54 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) –  Demaryius Thomas started the week in Denver, was traded to Houston on Tuesday, returned to Denver for the weekend and helped the Texans beat the Broncos.

“This whole thing has just been different, you know? It’s been weird and just different. Coming out of a different tunnel I’ve never come out of, being in a locker room that I’ve never been in, in the past eight or nine years. Seeing my guys warm up, seeing the guys come over and speak to me differently. The first time my family have ever been on the field and that was special also,” Thomas said following the win his new team picked up against his former team.

The Texans made it a point to get Thomas involved early in an effort to get him in a groove, and he finished with a three catch game that netted him 61-yards, which is admirable considering the circumstances.

“I cannot say enough about Demaryius Thomas, I really can’t. I didn’t know him very well before he got here. I knew about him. I had coached at Georgia Tech long before he got there, but I heard a lot about him at Georgia Tech. You talk about a pro—a guy that came in right away on day one, sat down with us and we taught him the game plan. He went out there the next day and walked through the plays, then practiced the plays. The way he carries himself, in a short time, he’s really come in here and been really impressive, just as a guy and a player and everything he brings to the table,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said.

There were the typical rough spots for a player that has been with a new team for less than a week.  A few times he was out of position, didn’t know where to go in motion or his routes, but it’s all correctable especially with a bye week coming up.

“Just direction and formation of different plays… [There are] different signals [for] some plays that, depending on what the play call is, is opposite,” Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson said.  “He was hearing one thing and ended up doing the opposite. I had to make sure he was on the same page as me. He did a good job. Some things we are going to fix.”

Denver fans and the Broncos organization honored Thomas at the game, thanking him for his years of service.  Thomas is arguably one of the best Broncos’ wide receivers in franchise history and everyone was sad to see him go.  Thomas though, like the pro O’Brien says he is, is focused on his next chapter in life.

“Truly, no disrespect to the Denver Broncos, but it’s not even about them right now. It’s about us holding down the Houston Texans. I loved my time, I loved not just the fans but the players, the guys that did the cooking for me, the guys that did the field, equipment guys and everybody like that because I’ve got a close bond with them,” Thomas said.  “It was just a different bond and I hear guys and teammates say it’s just different without you. You had guys you never think would shed a tear; they said they were shedding tears. I had a great time throughout my time, we won a Super Bowl, we went to two Super Bowls and I had a couple of records as you know, but it’s up and done and on to the next.”