Cecil's Short List: What To Watch For In Chargers vs. Texans

The Texans secondary played better this past week against the Jaguars but they weren’t tested like they will be tested this week.

Brandon Scott
September 20, 2019 - 2:31 pm

The Texans held on against the Jaguars last Sunday to get their first win of the 2019 season.

But there is a big test this week when they travel to Los Angeles to play the Chargers.

The Texans are playing a future Hall of Famer at the quarterback position with tons of weapons, and a defense led by Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa.

The Chargers are a legit Super Bowl contender and the Texans can be in those conversations with a big win on the road.

Here are a few things Cecil Shorts III says to look for this Sunday afternoon:

Keenan Allen and Mike Williams vs. Texans secondary

The Texans secondary played better this past week against the Jaguars but they weren’t tested like they will be tested this week.

The Chargers’ Keenan Allen is one of the best wide outs in the entire league, coming off of his second Pro Bowl season in 2018.

While the young Mike Williams is averaging a whopping 22.4 yards a catch this year. Unlike Drew Brees, whose longest throw came in the second half to Ted Ginn Jr for 41 yards in Week 1 versus the Texans, Philip Rivers will test these guys deep, early and often.

Both guys are tall, lanky and can jump! Expect a good amount of shots and jump balls against this secondary.

Bradley Roby does have some history playing against the Chargers. That intel may be able to help him and the secondary have a solid game.

I would also look for Rivers to attack Lonnie Johnson Jr.

Unless Roby follows Allen, expect the Chargers to throw at Lonnie A LOT!!

The Mercilus Effect

Whitney Mercilus has been very good with his hand back in the ground and pass rushing the quarterback consistently.

It’s only been two games but his production stands out, with three sacks, two forced fumbles, and one interception. Whit is an extremely hard worker and is excelling, but he also is benefiting from JJ Watt being the main focus for opposing teams.

They may chip him with a running back, or attach a tight end to help.

But the more they focus on Watt, that’s leaving Mercilus in a one-on-one matchup with the tackle. And if he continues to produce like he’s doing now, he will open things up for Watt similar to how Watt is opening things up for him. 

With Watt and Mercilus you can have a top-notch pass rush duo, not to mention Charles Omenihu made his debut last week and recorded his first sack, look for more plays from him.

The Watt Brothers

It’s not too often that you get a chance to watch brothers go against each other.

Derek Watt at fullback for the Chargers will have his chance this week to put a good hit or two on his older brother JJ.

I would love to see Derek get a catch in the flat or a handoff and run straight toward JJ.

Unlikely, maybe, but this will be something to look for – who wins the game and the bragging rights.

Must Win Upfront

My favorite matchup of the day will be Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa against this offensive line.

The national media is predicting a big day for this pass rushing duo but this offensive line is getting better.

Yes, they gave up 10 sacks in two weeks but not all of them should be on the offensive line.

The o-line is at fault for some yes, but Watson holding on to the ball or not hitting his hot routes against the blitz are some reasons as well.

Laremy Tunsil is the real deal on that left side. He and the rookie Tytus Howard had a solid day last game.

I expect the Texans offensive line to step up to the challenge, but this is a big challenge.

Gus Bradley is an awesome defensive coordinator and loves to mix up coverage and disguise blitzes. To win this week, Houston must slow down Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and have a plan for the blitz.

Spread the Love

It’s time this offense explodes for a huge day. I feel like we’re all waiting for the day Watson throws for 350 yards and four touchdowns.

The game where Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde have multiple touchdowns, the talented wide receiver group has a huge day, or the tight ends that we were raving about all camp really get involved.

Well, it’s coming.

Is it this Sunday? I’m not sure, but I feel it getting close.

With all the new weapons and guys coming back from injury, it takes time to figure out everyone’s role and how to use them the most effective way.

It’s a good situation to have but you want to figure things out as soon as possible. You have a pretty selfless group led by Watson so I expect the offensive to really become an elite threat sooner than later, hopefully this week against the Chargers.