Pitchers are at a disadvantage in the tech age

It's kind of a cheating issue

June 07, 2018 - 6:25 pm

Every Thursday at 8am, Lance McCullers joins Mad Radio to talk about Astros baseball, thanks to Trailer Wheel & Frame. Mike Meltser posed a question to Lance about Dallas Keuchel's last start and at what point in a game do you realize you might be tipping pitches.

Lance expressed how he feels pitchers are at a disadvantage in the tech age.

"There's so many cameras, there so much film. Ya know, there's film from the side, from the front, from the back. There's this coaching box that everyone's supposed to stand in and they're standing on the third-base line. They're peering into peoples glove, trying to look into the catcher's signs. Ya know, nowadays with the camera, they can relay - like Boston was last year - what signs you're using, what to be looking for and they relay the signs to the batter," Lance said.

"Pitchers are at a disadvantage when it comes to that type of stuff. It's gone beyond gamesmanship, in my opinion. It's kind of a cheating issue."

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