Rookie Minicamp On The Horizon

Texans Ready For Rookies To Arrive This Week

May 08, 2018 - 12:01 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) –  With the Texans draft out of the way, next up on the offseason schedule is rookie mini-camp this weekend.

While most of what happens on the practice field is conditioning and drills, it is an opportunity for the Texans’ staff to see their rookies up close and to begin to teach them about the core principles of being a pro.

“What I’m looking for from the rookies is their readiness to contribute. Even though it’s only May right now, I’m looking to see who the professional football players are. I want to know the guys who are ready to go from a conditioning standpoint, who’s been taking care of their bodies and who is ready to perform when the bell rings this weekend. Now, I know it’s only a minicamp and they’re young players and they’re going to learn, but my hope is and my optimism says that the guys that’ll come to this minicamp will show that they’re professional football players if they’re conditioned and they’re ready to go from a conditioning standpoint,” Texans General Manager Brian Gaine said to the media on Monday during a Texans golf outing.

In addition to the conditioning aspect and learning more about the rookies, it’s a chance for the coaching staff to watch them participate in football activities and not in interviews and visits that led up to the NFL Draft.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to really get these guys on the grass for the first time. We’ve seen a lot of them on tape obviously,” Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien said.  “We’ve interviewed quite a few of them, we’ve sat down with them. Now we get to see them run around, which is really good.”

One area the Texans have put a focus on this offseason is the strength and conditioning and the diet elements of how to optimize the body. A renovated workout facility and new hires in those departments have been mentioned all offseason by the Texans.

“They’ll arrive on Thursday. We’ll meet Thursday night and then they’ll be with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s an early wake up. They’ll lift with Luke (Richesson) and his crew. They’ll be educated quite a bit on nutrition with Ladd (Harris) and his crew. And then they’ll be with us quite a bit, so it’s a long day,” O’Brien added.

In summary of what the Texans’ want most out of their rookies this weekend during rookie mini-camp, Gaine sums it up best.

“Now we’re in the phase of what I would call the evaluation process. First and foremost, there is an indoctrination phase into our program, into our culture. We’re looking forward to getting the rookies indoctrinated into that. First and foremost, getting them acclimated to our organization, learning about our organization. No. 2, we want to talk about the expectations of what we want from our rookies,” Gaine said.  “No. 3, competition. We are going to be a competition program and we are going to try to improve the roster in every phase that we can. And then (No. 4), we want them to be learning the playbook and get indoctrinated into all of the things they have to know in terms of the expectations from the coaching staff. Then, the last thing I think about is our offseason program. They need to start learning about what we have to do from the expectations in our sports performance element, from the nutritional element, how to take care of their bodies, so that they can prepare for a grueling 16-game season.”