Texan Rookies Impressive In Debut

Jordan Akins Two Touchdown Receptions

August 09, 2018 - 10:27 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Jordan Akins two touchdown receptions were the highlights of the Texans 17-10 win at Kansas City.

“I was pretty nervous.  After the first play, nerves kind of calm down a little bit.  I focused on my assignments and executing.  Once the jitters went down, I was able to execute.” Texans rookie tight end Akins said after his two touchdown performance. 

Those two catches were the only catches that Akins made, but touchdowns bring attention and notoriety, and through one preseason game Akins did just that.

“He did his job.  Coaches always say if you do your job, good things are going to happen.  That’s what he did, and he did it full speed, and Weeden found him twice.  He caught the ball and finished it.  It was a great job for him, and he knows it was a great opportunity for him to make plays, and that’s what he did,” Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson told the media following the victory. 

Akins was a surprise pick when the Texans drafted him in the third-round, but he was a player the Texans’ coaching staff was familiar with after coaching him in the Senior Bowl.

“Good start for him,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said.

Duke Ejiofor also impressed against Kansas City.  The sixth-round pick didn’t record a sack or a tackle, but was constantly around the quarterback.

“He’s a guy that has really improved in the last week.  He’s a guy in Greenbrier that really showed improvement in the last five, six practices relative to the beginning of training camp,” O’Brien said.  “He’d been in the training room, he hadn’t been in OTA’s or anything.  Sometimes it takes a while to get adjusted like that, especially as a rookie.”

Another rookie, Justin Reid, is battling with Kareem Jackson for a starting safety job.  Both Reid and Jackson started with Tyrann Mathieu given the night off.  Reid didn’t record any tackles, and was relatively unchallenged through the air during his time in the game.