Texans Defense Terrorizes Browns With Takeaways In 9th Straight Win

The Texans Defense Showed It's Balance Against The Talented Cleveland Browns

The Bull Rush
December 02, 2018 - 6:44 pm

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The Texans defense continued its dominance Sunday against Cleveland on the way to their 9th win in a row to take the team to a 9-3 record on the season.

The strangest part about the Texans defensive performance was just how they found a way to dominate a talented and improving Browns offense, and that’s with takeaways.

The Texans had a total of four takeaways in the win over Cleveland. Of the four takeaways, they had three interceptions, including an amazing one-handed pick six by Zach Cunningham, and a forced fumble by Justin Reid on Antonio Callaway in which the Texans recovered.

Cunningham said his interception was almost all instincts and gameplan, “I ran into the coverage. It was more of an instinctual play I feel… obviously made an amazing catch, a great catch, so it definitely felt pretty good to get my first touchdown in the NFL,” he said.

The Texans defense continues to find ways to make plays at just the right time and Reid, the stud rookie safety, almost always seems to have a part in those timely big defensive turnovers.

“It was a hell of a throw by Baker, first of all. I thought that the ball was going to be overthrown, I was going for the pick at first. And then I see him catch it and at that point I just put my head down and dig. You always want to show great effort and run to the ball and at that point it was just try to make something happen. I didn’t want them to score so just make a play on the ball, see if it comes out, and good thing for us it did,” he said about stripping the ball free from Callaway on the 1 yard line, saving a Browns touchdown after a 71 yard catch and run.

The Texans other two takeaways came off of a nice interception by Jonthan Joseph jumping a route on a laser throw by Baker Mayfield, and an interception by Andre Hal on an ill-advised throw by Mayfield to David Njoku. The team celebrated the final interception by Hal once they got back to the locker room since it was his first of the season and since his return after battling cancer earlier this year. 

The Texans defense is a sight to behold at this point in the season, finding ways to terrorize opposing offenses at any level, whether it’s with the pass rush or the secondary.

Once it’s time for the playoffs to come around, there may be a lot of teams hoping they don’t have to face the streaking stalwart that is this Texans team.