Texans Face Short Week

Thursday Games Present Daunting Task

October 23, 2018 - 12:01 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) –  Winners of four games in a row, the Texans now get ready for the challenge of a quick turnaround with a game against Miami on Thursday.

“First of all, it’s about recovery and making sure we’re prepared for this coming week. So, make sure we’re getting sleep, eating the proper foods and also just getting prepared,” Texans special team ace Brennan Scarlett told the media.

Thursday games are widely disliked by the players and coaches around the NFL.  It disrupts the rhythm of a normal game week, instead of the norm, they must accelerate the preparation.  With the abbreviated schedule, the Texans are focusing on a lot on the rest and recovery process.

“Number one is sleep. I think they’ve got to be able to get some sleep. I think number two is the recovery process, which includes – obviously, I’m not expert on, but we have people here that help me with this – includes eating properly, hydration, getting workouts in the weight room, making sure that they understand that this is a very mental week. You’re not going to be able to go out there and have a knock-down, drag-out type of practice. You can do some things to break a sweat, but you’ve got a quick turnaround here. So, it’s very much of a mental week. We’ve got to do a great job teaching the game plan and we’ve got to do a great job of focusing in meetings, but it’s definitely a different week,” Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien told the media.

One popular opinion is that playing Thursday games at home is a huge advantage.  The benefit of not having to travel coupled with the short week is an even bigger edge than normal home field advantage, but that’s not necessarily an opinion shared by everyone.

“Obviously, it’s better than traveling on a short week, but I don’t think there’s any total advantage to that because I think in this day and age with all of the different things in each organization, the resources people have to take care of the players, whether it’s food or recovery or sleep or working in the weight room, I think every team now has the resources available to get their guys ready to play,” O’Brien added.  “The difference is one team is getting on a plane and the other team isn’t. That’s not a big deal.”