Texans Looking For 10th Straight Win In Divisional Matchup With Indianapolis

Can The Texans Continue Their Win Streak Against Luck And The Colts

The Bull Rush
December 07, 2018 - 4:03 pm

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The Texans will seemingly face their toughest test for the rest of the season while looking for their 10th win in a row this season, on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. 

In a season where Andrew Luck has quickly caught up to J.J. Watt in the "Comeback Player of the Year" discussion, the Colts come back from a record of 1-5 and currently sit in the standings at 6-6 and ready to make a push for one of the AFC's Wild Card positions.

With the Colts playing for their playoff lives and the Texans trying to get another win to get them closer to another AFC South title, the matchup could prove to be full of drama on Sunday.

Head Coach Bill O'Brien says the players have enjoyed this win streak, but it's key for them to stay focused and be prepared for the next opponent, and this game against Indianapolis is no different, "It’s all about the next game. That’s what this league’s about. What do you want to enjoy? It’s great what they’ve done, but I think enjoyment is the camaraderie in the locker room, the bond that they have relative to the enjoyment of winning. It’s great to enjoy the win after the win for a little while, but you better turn the page pretty quickly because the next opponent only gets harder relative to where you are in the schedule. That’s the way the league is. But, this team has a lot of enjoyment, though. Everybody’s been in our locker room. Our guys have a lot of fun in the locker room. They know when to go to work. There’s a bond with our football team and hopefully that helps us continue winning. This game on Sunday is going to be a huge challenge for us," he said.

The Texans defense will have a tough test on Sunday as Luck is ranked in the top 10 for passing yards and he's the number two overall quarterback in passing touchdowns. Luck is the most talented QB the Texans have faced since they last played the Colts in Week 4.

If they can win this game, the Texans will clinch the AFC South, but DE Jadeveon Clowney says they have much bigger goals in mind than just winning the AFC South, "It’s big, but like I said, we still have to turn around and play the Jets, Eagles and Jags. We’re playing for much more than just the division right now. We’re trying to play for first, second and third seed – whatever’s ahead of us right now. We have a lot of games left. Just try to win them all," he said.

The team will need to be focused on both sides of the ball to make sure they take home win #10 of this historic win streak on Sunday against Indianapolis.