Texans Not Opposed To Drafting A Quarterback

Gaine Is Aware Of Last Season's Mess

April 20, 2018 - 3:28 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) –  Despite having Deshaun Watson as the franchise quarterback and Brandon Weeden and Joe Webb on the roster, Texans General Manager Brian Gaine isn’t opposed to drafting another.

“Regardless of who we have on our team at quarterback right now, one thing I learned under Coach (Bill) Parcells is you are always developing the position. Year in, year out, you are always contingency planning. Whether you have a starter, a No. 2 or a No. 3, you’re doing it at every position but especially quarterback.  You are always contingency planning and always planning for the future,” Gaine said Friday during his pre-draft media session.

Watson gives the Texans assurance knowing that they don’t need to be seeking a starting quarterback in the draft or in free agency like in year’s past. 

“It certainly gives you a level of comfort because that’s such an important position.  I feel confident and comfortable that we have a player like Deshaun (Watson) on our team right now, but I’m always going to be trying to fortify the position as it relates to spots two and three as it relates to down the road,” Gaine said as he discussed the status of the Texans’ quarterback situation. 

Knowing Watson’s history can be a positive and a negative.  We remember the seven games and six starts in which he set rookie quarterback records, but we also remember the news of Watson tearing his ACL after the Astros World Series win. 

You may have stopped paying attention by the time we saw T.J. Yates stepping in for the injured Tom Savage, and of course let’s not forget that one pass Taylor Heinicke completed.   

“With our situation last year and what happened here with our team losing Deshaun, we’re doing our best to fortify the position so that our spots one, two and three are locked and loaded and we can feel confident at every level,” Gaine said.