Texans Say Their Mistakes Are "Correctable"

The Bull Rush
December 11, 2018 - 4:12 pm

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HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) - The Houston Texans made plenty of mistakes in a variety of different ways in their loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday, but one Texans defense says that most of them were simple.

Texans S Justin Reid says that many of the mistakes that were made in Sunday were avoidable, “The things that I saw when we reviewed the tape, is that everything is really correctable. It's just being focused and being locked in on what the responsibility, what the strength of the coverage is. It's nothing physical, it's nothing that isn't easily correctable. So this is going to be a major positive for the team because I know the group, guys are going to come in locked in and ready to work again,” he said Tuesday before practice.

There were a lot of mistakes in the coverage of the secondary Sunday and the Texans defense will need to learn a lot from those mistakes come Saturday when they face the Jets and rookie QB Sam Darnold coming off of one of his best games all year.

Many players believe there is more to be learned from in a loss than a win, as it points out weaknesses and deficiencies, but star DE J.J. Watt says the entire team needs to focus on improving at all times whether it's a win or a loss, “I think you can do both. You can obviously learn a lot from a loss and things you did wrong, but I think if you don’t learn from a win and still look at the things that you did wrong and also the things you did well, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice. I think you have to learn every day – practice, games, everything. If you’re not continually trying to get better, if you’re not continually, every single day, trying to find ways to improve and trying to find ways to better yourself and your team, then you’re not doing it the right way,” he said.

The Texans need to make improvements fast since they'll be playing on a short week with their game against the Jets on Saturday at 3:30 pm CT.