Texans Think Foreman Can Help Them Win

Foreman eager to help his team

December 05, 2018 - 1:31 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – D’Onta Foreman was activated to the Texans’ 53-man roster on Tuesday, but the Texans may decide to be patient with him as to when he makes his 2018 debut.

“He and I had a good talk yesterday, and he’s a great kid, he’s from here and he takes a lot of pride playing for the Houston Texans.  At the same time, he knows he hasn’t played in a game in over a year.  Not his fault, it was a tough injury.  He’s still working to get back into that type of football shape, that contact shape and we’re helping him with that.  The reason why we brought him up is we feel like maybe eventually whether it’s this week, next week, some week, he can help us win a game,” Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien told the media Wednesday.

Foreman tore his achilles last year in November in a game he ran for a career high 65 yards and had his only two touchdowns of the season.  Foreman was placed on the PUP list and had his activation window ignited three weeks ago.  The Texans had a Wednesday deadline and liked what they saw from him.

“He practiced hard in the padded practices we had, I thought he ran the ball well, he did some good things out there, he looked healthy and we felt like that was a decision that could potentially help our team,” O’Brien continued.

Now the question regarding Foreman changes from whether or not he would be activated to the 53-man roster to when will Foreman make the gameday roster.  That’s a question that is difficult to answer based on the comments from O’Brien, but as the Texans’ head coach said, he believes that Foreman can help the Texans win a game, and that’s something Foreman agrees with.

“It’s my goal, it’s everybody’s goal in the locker room just to help each other win,” Foreman said.  “We’re a family, and that’s what we come here to do is just win games.”