Tyrann Mathieu joins In The Loop from Texans Training Camp

In The Loop
August 07, 2018 - 4:43 pm

White Sulphur Springs, WV (SPORTSRADIO 610) - Tyrann Mathieu joins Fred, Landry, and Lopez of In The Loop after the Houston Texans wrapped up training camp at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

 1. How does it feel to wrap up the West Virginia part of training camp?

 It's important to put the work in while you can. These 15 days pretty much flew by, but I felt like we got a lot accomplished, so it's a good feeling.

2. What were you trying to get accomplished here in training camp?

For one, I think when you come into training camp, obviously, it's a little more intense than spring ball. You're just really trying to get a feeling for your teammates, feel for certain situations - different things that you know will come up in the game.  So that's more of the things that we like to work on - communication and things like that. 

3. Are you sorta like trying to just feel your way around, even a guy like you can step into any locker room and guys are going to respect you, did you still kinda have that - making sure you understood what was going on in the locker room?

  Initially, obviously, these guys have some great leaders already here before I came here. I just want to put my hand in the pile and support those guys. Really, all those guys have been very supportive of me, just being a leader, being vocal - especially on the field. So they've been taking a liking to me.

4. You've played for some interesting coaches with some interesting personalities, you had Les Miles at LSU and Bruce Arians at Arizona, what is Bill O'Brien's personality like just with your early run-ins with him and what similarities and differences does he have with those guys?

He reminds me a lot of both Les and BA. Very direct, very straightforward. You can go to him and ask any question, you know, he'll give you an honest answer. He's a player's coach. He wants us to come out here and have fun. He understands how to take care of our bodies and at the end of the day, he just wants us to come out here and give 100% effort.

5. You've spoken highly about Kevin Johnson, you made it a point. Why do you think people should believe in Kevin Johnson in year four?

We all go through different things that challenge us. I think he's at a point right now for one, he's healthy and then for two, he has a clear mind. He's stepping into a new role. We're going to really count on him to perform well, to really lock people up. I think he's ready for it. You know, it all starts with just believing in yourself and I think his confidence is growing.

6. As productive as you were, how surprised were you when Arizona cut you?

I wasn't too surprised. I've been in this league going into my sixth year now - I've seen some things that happened to good guys. I've seen things that happen to guys that deserve it. I just knew I was the guy with a new coaching staff coming in, I was a high paid safety, I knew I was the first one in line. I didn't feel any type of way about it. It was what it was and I moved on just like those guys did.

7. To have a cover guy who can play safety like yourself, you've got Kareem Jackson now back there and Justin Reid -  those guys can cover. That's got to give the defense some flexibility on the edges now, is that something that we're going to see more - excitement coming off the edge?

Yeah, I think for one, it's important to have 5-6 guys in your secondary that can do multiple things and with us having three safeties that can rotate and play in the box, blitz, and cover guys. I think it gives us an advantage especially when it comes to game planning. We'll be in situations where we'll have 6-7 DBs out there.

8. What have you seen out of this TE group so far and what is one of the challenges of a guy, like yourself,  when you have to cover these 6-5 6-6 tight ends?

To be honest, I think that those guys will be our dark horses this year. I think that those guys will help us out, especially the younger guys. Very crafty, especially Jordan Thomas, I know he played outside a lot in college, so you can tell by the way he runs his routes - he's got great ball skills. And even Jordan Akins, like these guys can get up and down the football field. It always gives you an advantage when you have guys on the inside that can stretch a defense.

9. We all follow you on Twitter, and we were talking at dinner last night, I think Tyrann Mathieu fancies himself as a philosopher. (Tyrann laughs) Maybe you can further explain, "If they sleep, I'm your worst nightmare" "Carry the weight, unload the pain"?

My situation, the things I've been through - it isn't a surprise to anyone. I've been through a lot of different things, a lot of different challenges - self-inflicted wounds. I have a lot to talk about - a lot to speak about, just because I experienced a lot. I just try to share that with people. A lot of people count on me. They look to me for some kind of inspiration, so I just like to throw that out there everyday.

10. Did Keke Coutee hit on the water girl?

I've never heard that before. I don't know.