Watson Wants Energy To Be Better

Two Areas To Improve Going Into Week Two

September 12, 2018 - 3:46 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Deshaun Watson’s rusty return presents challenges for him and Bill O’Brien to get the offense clicking like it was last year under Watson.

The two biggest challenges for Watson and the Texans are making sure Watson doesn’t get hurt, and that Watson plays with the energy and swag that was on display a season ago.

Watson, being a mobile quarterback, is more prone to risk than a traditional pocket passer, but limiting Watson’s ability to scramble makes him less of a threat.

“You’ve got to let him play, and he’s very smart about how he plays.  Yes, he did, last week like we saw, he got hit a few times.  He’s gained a lot of strength in the offseason, we have to do a of better job protecting him, he has to do a better job,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said.

The Texans signal caller understands that his mobility gives the Texans a threat, but that he also has to be smart about it.

“It gives us, as an offense, another weapon, another tool for the defense to be aware of.  Being able to move and trying to extend plays with my legs, I try to use that to my advantage,” Watson said.  “I try to protect myself and get what I can, I get down and then whenever I can’t slide or dive forward and not take a hit, I try to protect myself whenever the contact is coming.  Try to do what I can to stay healthy, but also to get positive plays.”

The other challenge, and more than likely the easiest to correct, is the energy that Watson played with on Sunday against New England.  The second-year quarterback didn’t have that pep in his step that we all saw a season ago.

“Whenever something bad happened or something didn’t go our way, just being able to pull everyone up, instead of everyone just kind of coming back to the bench and sitting down and not saying a word. Just being able to keep encouraging people and being able to put a smile on my face, have fun with the game,” Watson said. “That was one thing that we didn’t do. We didn’t really have too much fun. We were too focused on the things that didn’t go our way instead of trying to find some positives. So, that’ll get corrected and be able to move forward from there.”