The Watt Brothers Find Themselves In A Quiet Sack Competition

J.J. Watt In A League Leading Race For Sacks With His Brother T.J. Watt

The Bull Rush
October 10, 2018 - 2:28 pm

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HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) - As of right now, J.J. Watt is tied with two other people as the league leader in sacks at six. That's nothing new for the former two time Defensive Player of the Year, however, this time the difference lies in one of the people he is sharing the lead with.

His brother T.J. Watt, a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, also has an NFL leading six sacks.

It will be interesting to watch how the season plays out with the two brothers secretly competing with each other for the sack title in the NFL. Right along with them is Geno Atkins with six sacks as well, and he could disrupt the entire thing.

Even though there seems to be a quiet competition brewing between the Watt brothers, J.J. says that he couldn't be more proud of his younger brother T.J. ,"He’s incredible. I love watching him play when I get a chance to. I’ve always known what he’s capable of and it’s fun for the rest of the league to be able to see it. He’s a great player. He works his ass off, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s pretty wild when you go and you look at the sack sheet and you see our names next to each other. We used to beat up on each other in backyard and now we get to see our names at the top of the NFL sack charts. So, it’s incredible and I’m lucky. I have two incredible brother and I’m very fortunate," Watt said.

T.J. Watt has won two AFC Defensive Player of the Week awards so far this year, but J.J. Watt was quick to point out that he had already one-upped his brother by winning AFC Defensive Player of the Month.

"We don’t have any wagers or anything. It’s his birthday this week coming up, so I had to get him a birthday present. I sent him – I can’t tell you because it’s not his birthday yet. No, I can’t tell you. But, no. I think today he got his second AFC Player of the Week or whatever, but, I mean, I got the Player of the Month last month. So, I think that’s a little cooler," Watt said Wednesday.