Watt, Watson Ready To Come Back Stronger

Rehab Competitive Between The Two

April 18, 2018 - 1:32 am

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – As Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt rehabilitate from season ending injuries in 2017, the two have become leaders in the training room while also building a strong bond with each other.

“He’s just been there. He’s a guy that’s a three-time Defensive Player of the Year so he knows what the type of work is that you need to put in to get to that level. And also, he’s been through injuries before. These past couple of years that kind of set him back to where he’s at now but at the same time he’s just been focused on getting back stronger and becoming a better player than he was before. He’s been there, keeping me motivated and I’m keeping him motivated. We’re just always there. If one of us are having a bad day or we’re slacking, we’re going to pick each other up and make sure that the other guys around us are also getting better. We just try to bring that good energy and positive vibes,” Watson said.

2017 was riddled with injuries for the Texans.  With Watson and Watt on the injured reserve list, the Texans could have fielded a pretty good team with the guys hurt.  Another player the Texans are counting on to come back strong off of injury is Nick Martin.

“I’ve been through this before. Definitely easier the second time just from a mental standpoint. Also, we have great guys, Deshaun (Watson), J.J. (Watt) in there, too, rehabbing, making it competitive and keeping people going,” Martin added.

The bonding and the competitiveness in the training room is fine, but ultimately the Texans know they will be graded on what happens during the season.

“It’s (rehab) going well. Had a good offseason so far. It’s the offseason. I could tell you I’m feeling unbelievable, I could tell you I’m feeling real shitty. It wouldn’t matter until the game starts anyway.  Just excited to be training, excited to be looking forward to a season and really excited to be around the guys again and excited to have the teammates back in the building working with the boys,” Watt said.

Meanwhile, Watson is coming off his second torn ACL in his career, having torn the opposite ACL during his time at Clemson.

“I’ve dealt with adversity before and had injuries before. I didn’t let that slow me down. I made sure that I came back stronger and it just changed my attitude of the game. A lot of people would think that I’d come back hesitant but I’m going to make sure that I don’t and come back more forceful with a stronger and more intense attitude,” Watson added.

Watson is going into his second year and has just seven games under his belt in the NFL.  It’s clear that Watson is still hungry and craving a lot more in his NFL career, but why does Watt keep going?  What keeps the three-time defensive player of the year ticking?

“I love the game. I love the competition. I love waking up every day with a chance to go to work and better myself and help my team. I love being out there with the guys. I love being in the weight room with the guys, the locker room. Just working toward one common goal with a group of guys and being able to wake up every day knowing that I’m working toward something and I’m working toward bringing wins to this field, I’m working toward making this group as good as I can make it,” Watt said.  I’m working at making myself as good as I can make myself to help this team win games. I love it, and whenever the passion goes away and whenever the love goes away, then it’ll be done, but, I mean, I broke my back, I broke my leg and I still have the passion, so I don’t know if it’s going to go away any time soon. I have a whole lot of it and I’m really, really excited about just working and having fun and getting back out on the field.”