Watt's Sack Sparks Texans Comeback Win Over Bills

J.J. Watt made an impact in his first game since Oct. 27

Adam Spolane
January 04, 2020 - 10:48 pm

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610)- Down 13-0 and their backs against their own goal line, the Texans needed some sort of a spark. De'Andre Hopkins had just fumbled and on third down from the 12-yard line, the Bills had a chance to turn a two score game into three, but J.J. Watt wrestled Josh Allen to the ground for a sack, and while the Bills came away with three points on the drive thanks to a 38-yard Stephen Hauschka field goal a dormant NRG Stadium came alive. 

"That was probably the turning point," Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson said. 

Watson and the Texans offense responded with their first scoring drive of the day and after converting a two-point conversion and did it again after an Allen fumble. Then, before you knew it, the Texans had a lead on the way to a 22-19 overtime win, and for Watson it was no surprise Watt was the one to get the team going.

“We just knew it was a matter of time that he was going to make a play. It's J.J. Watt, Hall of Famer, the best guy to do it, and eventually he was going to get his opportunity, and that's what he did. He made a heck of a play, and it just turned the whole momentum and the whole stadium to our sideline, and we just took it over.”

The thing is, Watt should've never been able to play in the game. He returned to the field for the first time since suffering a torn pectoral muscle in the Texans October 27 win over the Oakland Raiders. He was supposed to miss the remainder of the season, but an aggressive rehab allowed to make an impact.

"It was literally just one day at a time," Watt said. "It was whatever (the doctors) would allow me to do, I would do, and I would do everything, and then I would listen to them. I'd stop when they told me to stop, but we would push. We'd test the boundaries, because every step of the way."

Watt said he and his doctors pushed things a little as well.

"I would ask the doctor, is there, we would start trying some stuff that people don't try at that level or that many weeks, and he would say nobody's ever done this at this level. And I said, well, has anybody ever tried? He said, no. I said, well, then, how do we know? So then we would try it, and literally, after I would do something, we'd check it out, it holds up, so we'd move on to another checkpoint. We kept going down checkpoints and checkpoints, and it kept holding up and kept holding up, so we just pushed it all the way. I think part of it was that belief that it was going to hold up and part of it was that belief that we could come back, and part of it is sometimes you've got to be crazy enough to try, and understand the risks and accept the consequences if it didn't work. But it was worth it. It was worth all the tests. It was worth all the work. It was worth all the sh*tty, tough days. It was worth it.”

The plan was to use Watt on third down passing situations and pick spots throughout the rest of the game. The plan was followed for three quarters, but it got thrown out the window in the fourth quarter and overtime, and while Watt said he got a scare at one point, he was surprised by just how good he felt once the game was over. 

"I'm pretty shocked. I'm not going to lie."

Despite Watson calling Watt's third quarter sack the spark, the Texans defensive end didn't want the credit.

"I'm not here to take credit for anything that offense did. Our offense did a hell of a job in the second half. Deshaun Watson, (DeAndre Hopkins), all those guys, they did a hell of a job. They're unbelievable, and like I said, I'm thankful to have them on our offense.

"It was an exciting play. It was a huge play. We were saying the whole game up until that point, we just need a play. We just need a play. We just need a spark. I'm just thankful I was able to provide it.”

Considering what it took just to be able to play Saturday, Watt said the win meant a little more than others, but he doesn't want anyone to think he satisfied with it,

"We have much bigger goals. This is a great win, and I'm very happy about it and thankful for it, but it's still the first round of the playoffs. I talked to the guys before the game, 20 teams are at home, 12 are in it. Now we move on, and obviously there's less teams in it. I think it's eight. Yeah, eight left after this. So I don't know. I want to keep going. This isn't the pinnacle, hopefully."

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