Warren Moon: Texans Need Consistent Core Group To Win Super Bowl

Brandon Scott
May 28, 2020 - 12:50 pm

(SportsRadio 610) -- Deshaun Watson's fourth NFL season will be unlike any other he has experienced thus far. 

The Texans traded their top wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, who was Watson's primary target in his first three seasons. 

Carlos Hyde, last year's leading rusher for Houston, is now competing for snaps in Seattle. 

And of course, there is first-year play caller Tim Kelly, who Watson has already worked with in previous years.

The Texans' roster turnover, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, is hard to ignore.

The only other offensive starters remaining from Watson's rookie year are center Nick Martin and Will Fuller, who could step up to become the No. 1 receiving option but is known to miss time with nagging injuries. 

From the starters two seasons ago, only Martin, Fuller, tight end Jordan Thomas and right guard Zach Fulton remain. 

Then take a look at management. The Texans essentially had three different general managers in Watson's first three seasons -- Rick Smith (who traded up to draft Watson 12th overall in 2017), Brian Gaine and now Bill O'Brien doubling up his head coaching duties. 

How does all of this change and inconsistency help or hurt their chances of winning? What's the value of continuity, consistency and planning when it comes to maximizing a talent like Watson?

Former Oilers quarterback and Hall of Famer Warren Moon talked on the afternoon show with Ron Hughley and Cecil Shorts III about this very issue. 

Moon said he would be surprised if Watson finished his career without a Super Bowl, but not necessarily shocked.

"You just don't know what's going to happen with Bill O'Brien and the way he handles the personnel there in Houston," Moon said. "They've been kind of up and down in a lot of different areas. They haven't had a consistency there that you need to have, a core group that you need to have in order to win a Super Bowl. I think that's what Patrick (Mahomes) has so far had in Kansas City. He's had the same offensive coordinator. He's had the same head coach. He's had the same quarterback coach and he's had the same group of receivers around him. And I think all that helps as far as creating that continuity and that chemistry that you need in order to win a championship. 

"So as long as the Houston Texans stop making all these changes that they're making, I think they'll be able to create some of that same continuity that will help Deshaun win a championship."

Moon added that the Texans have a really good group of four receivers to spread the ball around to in Fuller, Brandin Cooks, Randall Cobb and Kenny Stills. If running back David Johnson can channel who he was with Arizona in 2016, that could be a huge addition. 

The offensive line is also much improved. 

"If they can kind of try and keep this group together for a little while, I think he's got a chance," Moon said. "That would be my question to Bill, or whoever is running the personnel part of the football team. Do you think we're there yet -- is this a group that we think we can work with here for a while?"

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