Bill O'Brien Is Consistent In Supporting Player Protests & Social Justice

Landry Locker
June 04, 2020 - 9:27 am

(SportsRadio 610) -- “Same ole Texans, same ole Bill O’Brien.”

Hearing that phrase has become an annual tradition in H-Town every time the Texans’ season comes to a heartbreaking end.

Wednesday morning, in what many media types and fans are calling O’Brien’s finest moment with the organization, the coach and GM spoke about the death of George Floyd, racial injustice and the emotions around the country.

Messages like these aren’t always delivered effectively. Sometimes they come off as scripted and other times you might have the right message, but fail to deliver it through words when the lights are on.

O’Brien might not have had a play on fourth-and-one in the divisional round of the playoffs in Kansas City, but he had the perfect play on Wednesday in just as much, if not more, of a high-pressure situation.

There are a lot of changes many would like to see from King Bill moving forward, but no changes needed to be made for O’Brien to deliver the message on Wednesday. It was the same ole Bill O’Brien.

A lack of consistency on the field has been a problem O’Brien has acknowledged as recently as last season, but the one thing that has been consistent from O’Brien has been his stance on social justice.


Here are three quotes that show O’Brien’s consistent stance on social issues during his time in H-Town.

Quote One

O’Brien before the Texans game in Seattle after the late Bob McNair’s inmate quote took over the NFL news cycle, when asked if he thought any of his players would kneel for the national anthem:

“I have no idea. I think we are all grown men… I support my players 100 percent.” – O’Brien on October 27, 2017

Quote Two

O’Brien after trading for wide receiver Kenny Stills, who has been outspoken about social issues, when asked about Stills potentially kneeling for the anthem:

“Relative to any social justice initiatives, you guys know that my history here with the Houston Texans is… I love the players, I have the players’ back, we communicate about those things… I support the players in social justice initiatives.”  - O’Brien on September 2, 2019

Before the DeAndre Hopkins trade, the most controversial exit of a player during the O’Brien era was left tackle Duane Brown.

A lot of Brown’s disconnect with the organization had to do with his contract, but his beef with the social stance of the organization was also well-documented.

However, Brown has always made it clear that while he didn’t always see eye-to-eye with the higher-ups during his time in Houston, he had no issues with O’Brien. I have said this many times on the air.

Could I interest you in a quote?

Quote Three

Brown on Arian Foster’s podcast when asked about his beef with the Texans front office and who he specifically clashed with:

“The front office. Coaching staff, I rock with all the coaching staff there. O’Brien all them, those my guys.” – Brown on February 14, 2018

Is O’Brien the right coach and GM to lead the Texans toward taking that next step? I’m skeptical.

However, when it came to being the face of the franchise and delivering the message that needed to be delivered, O’Brien was the right man for the job.

And just like I have heard many times during the O’Brien era, it was the same ole Bill O’Brien. This time that was a good thing.

Landry Locker is co-host of In The Loop, weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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