Will the coaching changes affect Deshaun Watson and the Texans?

HOF QB Warren Moon and Ian Rapoport discuss

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January 30, 2019 - 6:36 pm

Last night, Ian Rapoport reported that Deshaun Watson's QB coach, Sean Ryan, is leaving for a lateral position with the Detriot Lions. 

Ian Rapoprt joined the Triple Threat and explained how he thinks the Houston Texans' head coach, Bill O'Brien, will not turn over the play-calling duites, just the QB position. 


How important is a QB coach?

Houston Oiler's Hall of Famer, Warren Moon, was on with In The Loop today and was asked how important a QB coach is to a quarterback? "They're very important... You develop that relationship with them, that closeness, not only on the field but off the field... That all creates a good bond for you, especially on game day." 

With a young quarterback like Deshaun Watson, would a QB coaching change be an issue for next season? "I think the only consistent, though, is that Bill O'Brien is still there. He's the one that basically puts that offense in play and he also calls the plays, because that is still there, that will still be a solidifying factor for Deshaun."


New Strength and Conditioning Coach

John McClain broke the news that the Houston Texans hired former Texans' linebacker, Brian Cushing, to be Strength and Condition Coach.


When asked about the move by the Texans, Warren Moon chuckled, then said, "Brian is a guy who obviously worked out a lot in the weight room. You don't get those muscles just by using some PED's, you still have to go in there and put the work in. Moon continued, "He knows how to work out... I think he can be a guy that can be really useful for them as long as that other stuff is put to bed."​