Five Frivolous Facts with Fred Davis: Preview Bills vs Texans

Plus a special message to the LoopHoles

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October 13, 2018 - 3:42 pm

HTown… It’s week Six, or in football speak, it’s Game Two of the Second Quarter of the Season… But really, it’s a nice way of jazzing up that you’re 2-3, and you lost to the sorriest team in the NFL – I’m looking at you NY Giants – and made Resting Bitch Face Eli Manning look like Super Bowl Caliber Resting Bitch Face Eli Manning when you allowed him his best performance of the year…. But let’s not get dwelly on the negatives… After all, you’ve got a winnable game this weekend against the Bills, and you’re riding a two-game winning streak, there’s plenty to be encouraged about, so Let’s focus on the posit… (Bill O’Brien interrupts)

“Sure,” says BoB… 

Wait, what? Coach, I’m simply trying to write a column this week about your Texans facing the Bills Sunday… 

“Those are your words, not mine…” BoB adds… 

Bill, I know those are my words, this is Five Frivolous Facts with Fred – Duh. 

“Whatever you want to call it,” says a snarky BoB. 

Thanks, Coach. Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of Red Zone this morning… And 36 percent of you will laugh at that…. Maybe more. Just don’t get hurt doing it… I digress. 

I didn’t give you guys a FiveWithFred after the Cowboys game, and that’s on me. I have to write better. Thus, after much consideration, boom, it’s time for FiveWithFred – Pregame with Some Other Stuff Mixed in Edition… LEGO. 

That’s the question on everyone’s mind despite Deshaun Watson being listed on the Injury report as Questionable for Sunday. I said all week after we found out that he was hurt, which really wasn’t that big of a surprise considering the beating he took against the Cowboys, that if he’s too banged up, let Weeden start. Well, we saw more video of Deshaun Watson in drills the last couple days than we’d seen all season, where with some videos he looked as though his rib might’ve pierced through the skin – during the drill – he was moving that slow. Then comes a video – or are the kids calling it vids these days? – from Bob Slovak on Channel 13 – which shows Deshaun running and catching a pass during practice. He also responded to the Tweet with an alien face emoji. Well then. That’s all I need to see. Clearly, if Deshaun Watson is posting Alien Face Emojis, what other indicator do we need that’s he’s going to play? Had he shown us a frowning or skeptical eye emoji, then yeah, no way he plays Sunday. But, Lil Wayne – whose Carter V is really starting to grow on me – once told us “we are not the same, I am a Martian” – makes you wonder if Deshaun is that same dude. He certainly plays like it. I know I said on Friday Future Trippin’ that Weeden would start – but I think it’s clear – We really aren’t the same, especially Deshaun Watson – and he’ll be your starting QB on Sunday. 

If calling out management with subtle jabs is what it takes to wake a guy up, then so be it. Listen, I’ve been critical of JD Clowney, and it’s not because I don’t like him. In fact, It’s quite the contrary. That dude does at half speed what most NFL guys do at 100, he’s that much of a physical freak. And yes, I’ve been on him about not racking up enough sacks, and I still stand by that. You don’t get drafted Number One to be a “really good run stopper.” Hells Naw. 

Here’s the deal, his last two are arguably the best two consecutive games he’s put together in his career. I know, these aren’t HOF numbers, but let’s not poo-poo on 2.5 sacks and 6 QB hits in two games, especially when you consider the enormity of the games. Both were must-win, and the Dallas game might’ve been more impressive considering he did it primarily against Tyron Smith, one of the best left tackles in the NFL. Not to mention he had two sacks that slipped right out of his hands – and – he got robbed because it really should’ve been the whole sack, not a half with Bernardrick McKinney. Either way, in addition to what JD has done over the past two weeks on the field, he’s been especially salty off the field. 

“Keep winning, stacking sacks, wins,” Clowney said during an open locker availability this week. “That’s how it goes in this league, the more sacks you get, the better player you are.” 

Now, he said that last part, the better player you are, while using air quotes with his fingers, showing to the rest of us that at some point in the last few months, he’s been told he needs to collect more sacks if he’s going to get the kind of bread that his fellow 2014 Draft Mates – Khalil Mack (Raiders picked him 5 overall) and Aaron Donald (Rams picked him 13th Overall). Each guy hit the jackpot before the season getting more guaranteed money than a defensive player has ever seen. 

And here’s where each guy stands thus far through Five Weeks of the Season

Aaron Donald – His Rams are 5-0 and are the class of the NFL right now. 
3 sacks | 14 total tackles | 3 TFL | 6 QBHits

Khalil Mack – His Bears are 3-1 and he’s already making an impact and is in the discussion for NFL Def. MVP.
1 INT | 1 TD | 4 FF | 1 FR | 5 sacks | 17 total tackles | 3 TFL | 4 QBHits

And then our boy Jadeveon – who after a slow start – has come into his own the past two years. 
1 FR | 1 TD | 2.5 sacks | 12 total tackles | 6 TFL | 6 QBHits

The bottom line is this – JD through four games is on a similar pace this year as he was last year, although I do think he will eclipse the double-digit sack mark for the first time in his career, plus his QB hits are sure to improve over last year as well. Here’s the deal, we don’t doubt what JD CAN bring to the table, it’s can he do it consistently like his counterparts do. There was a HUGE difference between JD in Games One and Two and JD in games Three and Four this season (for him). He’s got another chance to build on his dynamic year with a dominant showing against another inexperienced tackle, this time its rookie left tackle Dion Dawkins. Now, Dawkins hasn’t been bad as per Pro Football Focus and only has one sack – out of 22 surrendered – accredited to him on the year. He’s improved as the year’s progressed, but let’s be real, dude is still a rookie, and Josh Allen has taken 17 sacks on the year because as soon as he goes through his one read, boom, he’s 88 out the gate. This is another must-win for the Texans, and this is another opportunity for NINE-ZERO to prove what he’s worth. A couple sacks will go a long way to proving that. 

“O-Line play, a lot of times, if you can play within the system, the system will work for ya, it gives you a chance.” - MIKE DEVLIN – TEXANS O-LINE COACH

No one is going to get Mike Devlin confused for Tony Robbins when it comes to interviews, but let’s keep it real, we just need this team to block and not get Deshaun Watson killed. Deshaun has been hit a league-high SEVENTY-ONE times. That’s a 7 and a 1. 71. Good Lord. Howeva, this week against the Bills, your Houston Texan O-Line will start the SAME O-LINE for the SECOND CONSECUTIVE WEEK! You heard that right folks, and while some may scoff at that, it’s a big deal because Kendall Lamm hasn’t been awful and it’s obvious to anyone with two functioning eyeballs that Julien Davenport is better on the left side than the right side. Zach Fulton hasn’t been bad, and Nick Martin is good, not great. Senio Kelemete is average at that LG spot, but to hell with it, this group only allowed one sack (we’ll pretend those 10 QB hits don’t count) last week. Sure, Deshaun’s ribs look like Derrick Lewis KO’d him, but in all seriousness, the biggest of hits he took was when he took off running. No one expects the line to block that. This line isn’t great – but it’s not a total dumpster fire. Yes, they need to run block better, but hell, this team is second in total yards in the NFL – something has to give with this offense and scoring some points in the red zone. Let’s hope Billy O gives the O-Line to prove itself a little on Sunday. 

Okay, so I’m probably not on BoB’s Xmas Card list for this year… (and we know Landry isn’t!) But contrary to some folks who listen to the show’s belief, we are not openly campaigning for BoB to lose his job nor do we go out of our way to try and “twist” what he says around to try and get him in a “Gotcha” moment. Cmon Now. First of all, the dude barely gives you anything to twist anyway… You’d need a Roach Clip to twist half of the non-answers he gives, so spare me with that waste of a take. 

This football team is 2-3 when it could very well be 4-1 or even 5-0 when you look at how average the Patriots were to start the year. This was supposed to be THE YEAR that BoB puts it all together – as a head coach. If I’m going to criticize Jadeveon Clowney and yet I also expect him to improve as a player – then shouldn’t I expect the same out of the Head Coach? And the reality is, BoB has been outcoached in nearly every game this year and as John Lopez pointed out on the show Friday – the Texans won their last two games in spite of BoB. That’s not Great. But, this guy can totally turn this thing around and dismiss a lot of haters if this team can head into the Bye Week with a head of steam and winning record. Barring Deshaun getting hurt any further, in all honesty, they have to, for the team’s sake. This team has enough talent on it in key positions to be a damn good football team. No, they’re not Super Bowl caliber, but after what I’ve seen of the Titans and Jags, the Texans can win this Division. But I’m going to need to see a game from BoB where we’re not scratching our heads asking, “how did that end up so close” and rather say afterward – “that’s what a well-coached NFL team looks like.” We haven’t said that yet after a Texans game – referring to the Texans. Can BoB change that? 

I’ll get you all out of here with this – we had a Great Week of Shows this week, and it’s all because of the best listeners in Town – The LoopHoles. If you haven’t jumped on board yet, come right on in, we don’t bite… Hard. It’s been a helluva 97 episode run thus far, and we’ve got all sorts of goofy ish planned for Episode 100. Now, for me, listen, y’all already know, this is my second go-round at 610, so I’m both grateful and thrilled for the opportunity to do what I love to do – and that’s yak into a Microphone. We’re not where we want to be ratings-wise yet, but it’s not for lack of trying, and we will get to where we plan to go – Number One. We’ll continue to work hard, laugh hearty and think big as we look forward to another 100 episodes – and thank you all for listening.