Lopez' five takeaways from Sunday's games

"Nobody's Talking About Guy" will make an appearance. Twice.

In The Loop
January 21, 2019 - 1:39 pm

By John Lopez

Lopez' five takeaways from Sunday's games and "Nobody's Talking About Guy" will make an

appearance. Twice.

1 -- We never would have gotten to that final blown call or even a close game had Sean McVay not decided to go for a fake punt and convert it. It was the true momentum-changer.

2 -- The horribly blown call has let Sean Payton off the hook. Blowing that big lead is one thing. Going two-for-five in red zone opportunities is very Bill O'Brien-like.

3 -- (NTAG) When both QBs are great, as was the case in both games, the better defensive line wins the game. The Rams and Pat's DLs were superior.

4 -- I would hire Tony Romo as a defensive special assistant -- not offensive -- tomorrow. His ability to recognize and predict what teams are doing is without equal. His impact in a defensive meeting room would be enormous.

5 -- (Another NTAG) Wade Phillips should go into the Hall of Fame as a defensive coordinator. This is his second Super Bowl the last four years as a coordinator. With two different teams. His defenses all-time have been ridiculous. Sunday, he did to Michael Thomas what Belichick did to Tyreek Hill. He flummoxed Sean Payton, shut the door in the red zone and limited Drew Brees. Oh, and he's the only DC to keep Tom Brady under 20-points in an AFC title game, his defense pummeling Brady in 2016.