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Stoots: Go Get Gronk

With the Patriots tight end rumored to be available, the Texans should pounce

In The Loop
April 03, 2018 - 7:10 pm

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) - Triple G isn't only my favorite show on the Food Network, but also the mantra for the Texans next move. 

Triple G aka Go. Get. Gronk. 

If the New England Patriots intend to do the unthinkable and part with Rob Gronkowski this offseason the Houston Texans have to spend again to make sure the best tight end in history ends up in Deep Steel Blue and Battle Red. 

The addition of Gronkowski makes sense because the Texans can afford it, a trade for Gronk isn't that risky, and Deshaun Watson's floor gets raised. 

The Texans don't have a first or second round pick this year but a first and second next year should do the trick. With an extra pick thanks to the Duane Brown trade, the Texans don't eliminate picking in the top rounds totally. Yes, another year without a first isn't ideal but there is almost no chance the rookie in 2019 could have a Gronk-like impact.

You would likely have to entice Gronkowski with a new deal as well, but that's no issue. The Texans have cap space now and only three seasons of Watson on a cheap QB contract. Making him the highest paid tight end for the next three years isn't hard, Jimmy Graham averages $10 million a year, just load him up early and make it easy for him to get his money. 

There are three tight ends in history who average more than 60 yards per game. Travis Kelce and Kellen Winslow check in at 61 and 62 yards per game respectively. Gronk averages 70 yards per game. That also ranks 26th all-time when you include all pass catchers. He's worth whatever risk, and, it isn't that risky to trade for Gronkowski. Yes, he has an injury history, but only missing 12 games in the regular season the past 4 seasons isn't terrible. The current Texans starter, Ryan Griffin, has missed 16 games in the past three season. Also, what is use is being available if you are consistently covered? Don't worry about the times he might not be there, enjoy the dominance he displays while on the field. 

The dings and pains haven't slowed him as he was still wildly productive in 2017. He would turn 29 before the season started and with aforementioned new contract, the sham retirement talk in an effort to get the new contract in New England would disappear. If he plays three years and retires early? Perfect. He comes off the books just in time to pay Deshaun Watson.

Finally, for some unknown reason despite seeing how awesome he was, people doubt Watson and expect some sophomore slump. News flash, if you're good, it doesn't exist. Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, and even Jimmy Garopolo have all had their best results in their second season of starting. Small sample size, sure but you really think Watson is taking a step back? I will entertain it and guarantee you it would be impossible to occur with Gronkowski on the team. DeAndre Hopkins and Rob Gronkowski have never played with a player near the other's talent. Imagine having to try to cover those two while Will Fuller takes the top off. 

No, Gronkowski won't solve the issue at left tackle but no one is willing to trade the Gronkowski of left tackles, if you will. He isn't going to make the defense healthy. There's nothing you can do to fix those issues. So why not make your offense an issue for everyone in football?

Do what it takes. Add the best tight end in history, and then try to make history and win a championship.