Payne: Texans Had Worst Version Of Ed Reed In 2013

It was a toxic situation that year. Everything about it was bad.

Payne and Pendergast
February 11, 2020 - 9:52 am

Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed said a lot about his short time with the Texans in a recent interview with Bleacher Report. 

Appearing on Untold Stories with Master Tesfatsion, Reed sounded off about how the Texans coaching staff treated players. Reed, who played in just seven games for the Texans before being released in 2013, said he was lied to when the team recruited him in free agency. 

Reed thought his veteran presence would allow him to have more influence than it apparently did in his brief stint with the Texans. 

Here's some of what Reed had to say in the Bleacher Report interview: 

"They had that old school mentality, man. You had coaches talking reckless to guys. And I'm like, as a grown man, how do you let that happen? And plus, as a coach, you're not going to get everything out of that man that you want because you're talking to him reckless. I was surrounded by a bunch of guys just coming to work. It was a job. It wasn't football anymore. And for me, that was like draining. That was very draining. You actually brought me in, recruited me and asked me to tell me the things I'm telling you. And when I started saying that stuff, they shrugged me off. It was like 'eh, that's not how we do it.'

"So, I was lied to. I'm too old to be lied to and I'm too old to play these game with people who say you got to play the game to get higher. I'm not playing the game. I ain't got time for that. I'll go do something else."

This was interesting because Wade Phillips generally has been popular with the players he coaches. He absorbs guys that elsewhere have been character risks and issues.

Look at who he's worked with on the Rams the last couple of years -- Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters, Ndamukong Suh -- and there a lot of guys on Wade Phillips defenses which other teams don't want them. 

But most guys are pretty cool with Wade Phillips and most people are pretty cool with Gary Kubiak.

The issue, depending on who you talk to, is Wade Phillips was not all about signing Ed Reed. Phillips may not have even actually been consulted when the Texans signed Reed.

So right from the onset, you bring in a guy who does his best work as a single high safety. Wade Phillips does a whole lot of stuff with split safeties, cover-2, cover-4, all of these things -- right from the very beginning it might have been a scheme mismatch.

And then you add on to that, players who have been on highly-successful football teams don't always know how to deal with adversity.

And it's not their fault. It's not Ed Reed's fault he was awesome at the University of Miami on an awesome football team, then he goes to the Ravens and the Ravens are competitive the entire time he's there, when all of a sudden you find yourself on a 2-14 team like the 2013 Texans.

Sometimes the guys that come from the best backgrounds are the absolute worst in dealing with that adversity because they've never been there before, so you add all of that together.

The Texans got the absolute worst version of Ed Reed.

It was an Ed Reed who maybe wasn't even actually wanted by the defensive coordinator. And the defensive coordinator wasn't consulted by management before they signed Ed Reed. 

Speaking of reckless, are we sure the Texans did any due diligence medically on Ed Reed. He said on the podcast that the Ravens didn't offer him a dime to return to the team in 2013. Think about that.

Reed also disclosed he had two sprained MCLs, to say nothing of the hib injury he received surgery on rehabbed after he signed with the Texans.

It was a toxic situation that year.

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