Payne: Texans' Vernon Hargreaves Signing ‘All Upside’

Hargreaves is the third former first-round cornerback the Texans have added since last season

Payne and Pendergast
November 19, 2019 - 11:47 am

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- Former first round pick Vernon Hargreaves III was added to the Texans last week after no other team claimed him from the waiver wire.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who drafted Hargreaves with the 11th overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, cut ties with the former Florida standout cornerback. 

Hargreaves had shown some ability when he was healthy in his first four seasons, but the relationship had grown sour with Bucs head coach Bruce Arians.

Still, it was surprising to see no other team take a chance on the 24-year-old.

Hargreaves spoke to reporters Monday and said he felt like this was a fresh start, which could benefit himself and the Texans. 

On Payne & Pendergast Tuesday morning, former Texans defensive lineman Seth Payne said the upside in this move is Hargreaves'

"I'm surprised that nobody else put a claim in on him. I like it because it's all upside at this point," Seth Payne said on Tuesday morning's show. "And it's also at a position of need. ... Sometimes a team saying 'no, we don't want you anymore,' that's the first time they've had to have an ego check in their athletic career and it can do wonders for them if they respond to it properly.

"Hopefully, that's the upside of a Vernon Hargreaves. He has extreme physical talent and ability. He hasn't utilized all of it. Can the Texans figure out what was missing, or does Vernon Hargreaves grow up a little, if that's what the issue is?"

Hargreaves is the third former first-round cornerback the Texans have added since last season. 

They signed Bradley Roby to a one-year deal after he'd spent five years with the Denver Broncos, who picked him 31st overall in 2014. Roby has been injured since the Texans' Week 6 win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Texans traded for Gareon Conley from the Oakland Raiders just days before they were set to play each other at NRG Stadium this season. 

Conley had been the 24th overall pick by the Raiders in 2017 and came up with a big stop for the Texans in his first game, playing against his former team.

Last week, defensive coordinator was asked about how a change of scenery can be a positive impact on players. 

"Well, it depends on why there is a change of scenery," Crennel said. "But then generally the change of scenery gives the player a different perspective on things because wherever he was, whatever that perspective he had down there, now this is a different perspective. A different organization, a different way of doing things, and he's got to – like I said, he's got to acclimate to all of that.

"A lot of times players who move and go to a new place, they get reinvigorated because it's new and if the new team will put whatever is in the past in the past and just boom, 'look at my work that I do for you.' Then they feel like they can do good work and have an opportunity to find a spot."

Hargreaves was inactive for the Texans against the Ravens on Sunday, but could see action Thursday with the Colts visiting NRG Stadium. 

On a short week, the Texans are fighting for the top spot in the AFC South standings after losing 41-7 to the Ravens. 

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