Captain Mickey

Flying Squirrel Finding A Nut


The Outdoors Show
February 21, 2020 - 6:36 am

John Littleton says its a roller coaster ride, got his little green fish confused, water temps have been messed up, fish letting their guard down, not perfect out there right now, but don't give up and go back again!

Tex Bonin- says the red buds are budding, and there will be some fish caught in the next few weeks, got some slow action, catching some nice keepers, hybrids being a treat for customers!

Steve Hillman talks feeding the pigs, blowing hard this morning at 41mph, flying squirrel finding a nut, good fat tournament reds, a bunch of tout, and some decent flounder, a recap of Mickey's trip to corpus and fishing with Cliff Webb, maintaining the salinity, and keeping fishing in the system, roe starting to change colors!