The Outdoors Show

with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie

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The Outdoor Show Hour 2: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Thursday, March 21st
In Hour 2 we start off with Mike Jeffcoat out of Venice, LA, we continue with Micheal Marquez in Galveston, and finish the show still in G-Town with James...

The Outdoor Show Hour 1: Enjoying The New Studio

Thursday, March 21st
Captain Mickey starts the show with the weather and tide report. Then Captain Mickey kicks off the 1st hour in the brand new studio with Bill Watkins out of...

The Outdoor Show Hour 2: Prestige World Wide!

Sunday, March 17th
Open line Sunday continues on St. Patrick's day in the 2nd hour. With callers asking both the Captains all things fishing. Even get a caller from Singapore.